Thursday, March 1, 2018

Silencing the Internal Noise

When your world falls apart your mind can go with it. Major Broken Halo moments can send you spinning internally. Thoughts can overwhelm. They can take over in the middle of conversations. You can be locked in and then without notice, be miles away in your head. What ifs, whys, hows. Maybe it is reminiscing, maybe it is imagining current futures or possible futures. Sometimes it is retracing the decisions that have led you to a specific circumstance. If I'd have chosen B instead of A, if I had done X instead of Z.

Imagine every moment of silence you have, being filled with internal noise so loud that the people around you can see it in your eyes... you aren't there.

What do You do? 3 things that work and 1 that might
What do you do? When it has been months or maybe years for you? How do you stop the noise?
I have asked the question to just about every person that has anything close to a counseling background. Some professional some pastors.
Ready for their answer? Redirect.
It sounds simple, but it takes some time to figure out what that looks like for you.

I have found 3 things that help me to redirect and silence the internal noise. Let me know if you have found any of these useful.

1. Talking 
This may seem obvious, but let me walk it out for a second. It is hard to think about something when you are talking about something else. Don't talk about your issues when you are trying to redirect. The goal here is to be quiet on the inside. There is plenty of time to talk about what is going on inside. These moments are for you to relax. So find someone who could care less what you talk about and sit down for a chat.
I love going to my friend's houses. Of course they ask how I am doing, but then we start screwing off and just having a good time. I wrote about this a little in my Friends You Need post, so I won't elaborate here.

2. Engage
This one can be a little harder. Depending on where you are at in your journey engaging in anything feels like heavy lifting. You have to get your mind ready, convince yourself it is good for you, and then get off the couch. This could be church groups, games with your family, reading something light (this one can be done on the couch).

What I find to be true is that once you engage, you will enjoy yourself. Depression is hard for others to understand. Simple requests of you feel completely draining, but when you engage in something you know deep inside you enjoy, it can clear the noise out and give you an hour or so of peace.

3. Learn Something New
This one has been really good, for me anyway. I bought a guitar and an app that is teaching me how to play. I have always wished I knew how to play, but never took the time to pick one up. Talk about redirecting! It is hard to obsess or spin internally when you are so focused on your fingers and reading music. What is something you have always wanted to do or learn? Get out there and learn something new.

Something that worked once...
A couple weeks ago I went to a yoga class. I have done yoga for years, but the instruction in a live class is very helpful after you get over how corny it sounds. At first, I wanted to laugh out loud, but I chose to just do what the instructor said. Maybe it is just another version of doing something new, but heck it worked once.

This stuff works for me right now, what have you found that works for you?